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Google Ads - The Answer You're Looking For

What is Google Ads and the Pay-Per-Click System?

Google Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to show up in the top results after a consumer searches for a service or product on Google. It is used by business owners, professional marketers, and sellers who want to advertise services or products in an attempt to spread brand awareness and even attract consumers who are more likely to convert, or take action on their website.

A pay-per-click (PPC) platform - is a system in which you only pay when a consumer actually clicks on your ad. The Google Ads system allows you to set a daily budget and pay for the accumulated clicks every 30 days. When you set a budget, the system tries to keep you from spending more than your budget within that course of 30 days. You can set any budget you’d like, but it is always best to find a sufficient budget that will meet your ads’ goals. A sufficient budget is based on your location, audience, industry, competition, average cost-per-click (CPC), and more. In this case, it is best to consult a certified digital marketer to find the budget best suited for your business goals .

Top 5 types of Google Ads

1. Search Ads:

When a consumer searches for a product or service on Google, your ad can pop up on the top results page, based on the key words they used. This type of Google Ad allows you to target an audience that is actively searching for a product/ service related to your business.

2. Display Ads:

A display ad is a picture ad of the product. This gives the consumer an idea of your work or product and is visually engaging to the consumer.

3. Video Ads:

Video ads use commercials or clips. They can be run on any site that supports this type of ad such as, Youtube, Google Play, and many other online sites.

4. Shopping Ads:

Shopping ads mainly consist of retail goods. When clicked on, the consumer will be led directly to the product with the price and appropriate information supplied by the retailer.

5. App Ads:

These ads can lead the consumer to the app store to either download or acquire more information about the app. App ads can be found on the app store or various social media sites.

Why Should you use Google Ads?

It targets a relevant audience for your business:

Google Ads allows you to reach a more relevant audience through targeted keywords, locations, demographics, and much more! Keywords especially help consumers who are actively searching for products/services related to your business to find you. If you show up for people who are actively searching, they are more likely to convert than random consumers who may not be interested in your products/ services at the moment.

The platform allows you to set your own budget:

You can set your own budget for your ads, to an extent, of course. There are many key factors that contribute to what would be a sufficient budget for your ads. As mentioned above, it is best to consult a professional for a sufficient ads budget to meet your specific goals.

Google Ads uses a pay-per-click system:

You only pay when somebody actively clicks your ad and visits your website, or the site that it links out to. You accumulate clicks based on your daily budget, and you are charged for the clicks every 30 days.

You can track your performance and ROI (return-on-investment):

Google Ads grants the advertisers valuable information on how much you have spent on ads, how much you have made, how many sales you have received through ads, they show you consumer behavior through your ads stats, and much more.

Google has the largest consumer market and active searches:

Google owns 86.86% of worldwide market searches. (Source: Many search platforms run on Google such as Safari which caters to both Android and Apple devices. Youtube, one of the most popular search engines aside from Google, supports Google video ads, which broadens your audience to nearly 2 billion Youtube users and consumers to see. 70% of shoppers say they are open to learning about products from brands on YouTube, according to Google. (Source:

Overall, Google Ads is a phenomenal outlet for advertising and acquiring the appropriate traffic to your product or business. Supported systems, like the pay-per-click platform, can save you money, while attracting your desired target audience. It all depends on how your ads are set up and optimized. Therefore, it is best to consult with a certified professional to integrate complicated algorithms and design the best Google Ads campaigns for your business.


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